Our PhotoBooth is State of the Art - An Open Air design that looks sleek and modern. You don't spend thousands of dollars decorating your venue and then have a giant black box clutter up the space. The footprint of our booth is tiny, the quality outstanding!

Photo studio quality pictures and prints - The flash and camera used in our booth are used in professional photo studios across the country. Top notch equipment will give you top notch pictures and prints. Tell your guests to leave their iPhones and Androids in their purses: Our PhotoBooth will be the only thing you need to capture your special day!

Social Media sharing Built In - Providing your venue has WiFi guests can share the pictures right on the spot via eMail, Twitter, and Facebook!

Best Props in Town- We have all the hats, glasses, and other fun props you need. Your energy paired with our props = endless hours of fun.

Best Backdrops you can find - You can choose from one of our regular solid color backdrops or go all out and upgrade to a luxury one!